Introducing Step Into Life Glenbrook

Each month, Stanton & Taylor First National will feature a local business from the Penrith and lower mountains area on our blog. This month we spoke with trainer, Justin Lavender from Step Into Life Glenbrook.

How long have you been running Step Into Life in Glenbrook?
I have been running Step into Life Glenbrook since February 2009 at Glenbrook oval

What sort of classes do you do?
We have four main types of classes. Cardiomax is a general all over fitness session, Tone-up is used to increase your muscular strength, Boxkick is a great stress reliever, Powerflex is yoga & pilates based exercises. We also offer fun run training, Endurit (bootcamp) and much more throughout the year.

What kind of fitness level do you need to join Step Into Life?
The beauty about S.i.L Glenbrook is that we cater for all fitness levels. You don’t need to be fit to get fit. So no matter if you have no exercise history or you’re still very active, you can be sure to get a great fun work out.

What are some of the best things you’ve seen out of your clients?
I think the best things I have seen is that in many of our members, the growth in their personality. Many people start off being quite unsure of themselves, however over time they soon develop much more outgoing personalities and more enthusiasm to exercise and see their friends at each session.  

What do you love about working in the lower mountains?
The community spirit is so strong and especially within our group. Everybody  is genuinely interested in each others welfare and full support. This is really evident when we have a local crisis such as bush fires or severe storms.  Our members are always offering to help each other no matter what the problem is.

Tell us your favourite place to grab a coffee in Penrith/lower mountains
Loc Highway hot bread and café Blaxland. They are very friendly, fast and great coffee.

Click here to find out more about Step Into Life Glenbrook.

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